Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wala Wala Bar At Holland Village

My friends and I headed to Wala Wala at Holland Village on Sunday for a casual dinner & drinks. It was my first time at this hip bar but too bad the live band had some technical difficulties thus was unable to perform...
Dashing boys Siyi & Vincent
Me & Siyi
Winnie & Me Siyi, Me & Vincent
Me & Vincent trying to blend in with the curtains...
Vincent & Winnie
Me & Siyi
Take that mister!
Siyi, Vincent & Winnie

Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas in Singapore

Christmas decorations are up! I love how festive it looks in town now, especially at night when it's all lit up!
Christmas decos at Shaw
Marriott Hotel & Tangs Shopping Mall
Paragon at Orchard Road
Lights in front of Takashimaya
Me & my friend Siyi
Lights along Orchard Road
Me & My Sexy Gal Danielle
Partying at Butter Factory

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mulligans Irish Pub

My friend Siyi and I had a nice dinner at Mulligans Irish Pub and Restaurant at Clarke Quay over the weekend.
Breaded mushrooms!
Second time I've ordered this! Delish!
Breaded calamari!
Equally good! Chips & Sausage! The fries are not spectacular! Me & Siyi at Clarke Quay


I met up with a very dear friend for lunch on Saturday and she was so kind to give me an Elizabeth Arden's 'Pretty' perfume set.
Love the bottles!
So pretty!
It smells like delicate Spring flowers in a secret garden
with a hint of musk!
Thank you!
I'm forever grateful to you and hope we can
remain friends for a long time.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bangkok Trip Photos from Winnie's Camera Part 1

I finally got the pics off Winnie's camera! There's quite a number of pics so it's gonna be a long post!
Me at Changi Airport going to our departure gate for boarding
Hilton! Our room was not ready so we decided to go to the city to do some shopping first...
Wow we look alike in this pic!
Map of Train Stations
Waiting for the train to arrive....
Me & Winnie in the train
Back to Hilton! Our room!
Bathtub which I managed to soak in on our last night...
Winnie & Me at Hilton waiting for a cab
Me & Winnie
Me & Winnie
Gals fooling around...

Bangkok Trip Photos from Winnie's Camera Part II

Me & my classic bottle of coke
Yummy Oysters! Oysters Oysters Oysters!
Oh man these are like the BEST grilled squid EVER!!!!
We ordered black pepper crab but was given chilli crab instead...
Bar at the top of Hilton hotel...
Me & Winnie relaxing at the bar after a long day of shopping
Going to Chatuchak market...
At the train station again...
On Hilton's shuttle boat...
Hilton's surprise for Winnie!!
Make a wish...