Sunday, January 17, 2010

God damn you

Five months go by
My tears have run dry
I see you in my dreams
And wonder why you’re there
Leave me alone
God damn you

I’m trying to move on
Can’t you see?
I longed for you
Hungered for you
But the past is past
And I cannot cry anymore

You hurt me so
With your pathetic excuses
I wasted all my love on you
Your promises echo in my head
How stupid I was to believe you

I heard you’ve been seeing someone
Am I so easily replaceable?
God damn you
To tell you the truth
It hurt me for a day or two
I even drank till I was sick
Was it anger or hurt I felt
Maybe it’s both
But since that day I can see clearly now
How stupid I was
Holding on to a hope that never existed

I know this poem doesn’t rhyme
And I really don’t give a shit
I hope you got my message
You oughta know
I deserve better
Fuck I surely do
I’m gonna be happy
Let me free now
And release my heart
God damn you

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Han Chuan & Shermaine's Wedding

My cousin Han Chuan got married to Shermaine on December 12th 2009 at Four Seasons Hotel. It was such a grand celebration and wonderful to see all my relatives at the wedding.
My cousin Ivan & Me
Me & Aunty Susan
Me & my cousin Shirri Me & my cousin Yvonne Me & Aunty Helen
Cute Wedding keepsake
Choc full of m&ms inside!
Here's wishing my cousin and his wife a
wonderful & blessed life together.

Chinaone & Zouk

More backdated posts... December 11th 2009 - Pasha, Siyi, Danielle & I headed to Chinaone at Clarke Quay for some drinks! The live band there is pretty good!
Me & Pasha at Chinaone
Sexy gal pal Danielle
Siyi sandwiched between Danielle & I Pasha & Danielle
December 23rd 2009 - Zouk Ladies Night/Eve of Christmas Eve/Mambo Night
Me & Winnie at Zouk
Me & Danielle
Winnie & Danielle
The Three Floating Heads
Danielle, Me & Winnie
Me & Danielle
Me & Vincent
Vincent & Winnie

6th December 2009

Vincent, Winnie & I headed to Canopy Garden Dining & Bar for Sunday brunch. It is a quaint little place, tucked away from the crowds of Singapore where we were able to enjoy a nice quiet Sunday brunch al fresco on a beautifiul Sunday morning.
Winnie and I both ordered the Egg Royale
Soft poached eggs on English muffin with smoked salmon
and hollandaise sauce Cooked to perfection!! You just have ta try it!!
While Vincent ordered the Egg Benedict Soft poached eggs on English muffin with ham and hollandaise sauce
Vincent aka ''The horse'' at work Winnie & Vincent After brunch, we headed to Orchard Central... Relaxing at Ben & Jerry's at Orchard Central
Our chocolate brownie
(Sadly, a disappointment)
Three scoops of Ben & Jerry's
Mint Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough &
New York Super Fudge Chunk
Me & Vincent
Vincent & Winnie
Winnie & Me
Canopy Garden Dining & Bar
Bishan Park II
1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
Phone: 6556 1533

5th December 2009

Me & Winnie
Christmas tree in front of Orchard Ion
Inside the Christmas tree!!
Winnie & Me
Me in front of Takashimaya
Me & Winnie at Double O
Me & my friend Bryan
Vincent & Winnie
Me, Vincent & Winnie

26th Birthday Bash at Mulligan's & Double O

I celebrated my 26th birthday with friends at Mulligan's at Clarke Quay then headed to Double O for some partying after!
Mix sashimi
Dinner with Siyi at Sun & Moon Japanese Restaurant
Me & Danielle at Mulligan's Me & Pasha
Me & Danielle
Me & Eugene
Eugene, Danielle & Melvin
Pasha, Eugene & Melvin
Shots and more shots!
The birthday gal half drunk
and another one....
And still able to strike a pose..