Thursday, March 26, 2009

French lavender sachets

I made these lavender sachets tonight. I just love the colours and they smell absolutely divine!
Any lavender lover will surely love these. They'll be up on my etsy store for sale.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Custom hand-painted Vintage Roses sign and flowers

I came across Tami's beautiful work while browsing through Etsy Cottage Style site a couple of days ago and some of her work was featured there. Her work immediately caught my attention, there are soooo many beautiful works from her, they are just pure exquisite and looks to be very delicate workmanship. I then ordered a custom hand-painted sign from her and she replied to me immediately and had the sign finished in a day! What an angel! And to top it off, I received the sign from the US really really fast!
I am in love with the sign, it's so perfect and dainty! Just what I wanted!
Looks beautiful hanging on my wall (for now) with my lovely bouquet of flowers from Bryan.
Do check out Tami's store at or her blog at which features her lovely hand-painted items.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Turn Your Creative Hobby Into a Business

I purchased this book a couple of days ago and just finished reading it. It is written by Meg Mateo Ilasco who is a designer, writer and illustrator. I was in the bookstore looking for a book like this and it has everything a crafter needs to know. It is a very resourceful book to have; from beginning to end, it covers aspects of choosing a craft to suit you, including time management, packaging, selling and marketing. I also love the layout and design of this book. There are awe inspiring quotes in this book to get the could-be crafter in you wondering 'what if' and all the possibilities you could dream of, of one day turning your love of creating and making things into a business you can be proud of.
"Some people will like your product and some people won't, but the most important thing is that you like it". Ilasco, p.52.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mr and Mrs Farmer's Cow

Here is B's cow (now aka Mr and Mrs Farmer's cow) measured up and stuck on. I used the new 'Heat n Bond' iron on adhesive Ultrahold and I got to say they work very well. I'm very impressed by the product!
I've then measured the Dusty Blue satin ribbons I got and used that as a border.
Then I attached Mr and Mrs Farmer to the upper left corner of the cushion. They're sitting very pretty there indeed!
Here is Mr and Mrs Farmer close up. Cute as a button!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Cow for B..

I had finished stitching this cow for B in 2007. If you're wondering why I stitched a cow, well, B has a liking for cows..anyway, it didn't take me very long to stitch, but when I had finished, I was like, ' what am I suppose to do with it now?' so I've kept it in my stitching box along with a few other ones that I did not get framed.

I got a VIP member's card from Spotlight today saying they're having a 20% storewide sale tomorrow and it got me thinking maybe I should do something with this cow. I'm thinking this cow might look mighty fine sewn onto a plain cushion. Maybe a black or blue cushion cover. What do you reckon?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day trip to St John's Island and Kusu Island

Bryan and I and two friends decided to head to Singapore's Southern islands today. We boarded the 9am ferry at Marina South Pier that would first take us to St John's island, then off to Kusu island and back to Singapore again. Pricing with Singapore Island Cruise is $15 for adults and $12 for children under 12. Kusu Island
Kusu island visitor map
B standing at the entrance to the temple at Kusu island
B and me
Some Chinese looking majestic boat docked at Kusu island (and later seen again at Marina South Pier..)
B at St John's island
B and I with the view of Singapore in the back
Beach at St John's island. The water here really is beautiful! Blue-ish green and clear! It just makes you want to take your clothes off and jump right in!
Me at St John's island..there's really nothing here. Not even a cafe or a drink machine. The island seems to be quite isolated with the old drug addict prison being turned to a 'holiday camp' but still has scary barb wires everywhere. The island is, however, remarkably clean.
St John's island
Beautiful waters at St John's island. Seems to be a popular spot for fishing!
St John's island visitor map

Friday, March 6, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I've always been meaning to get around to reading the Shopaholic series but with my studies, I just didn't have the time for fancy chick lit..and with the hype of the movie out now and my short uni holidays, I decided to finally get the book and read it. I'm now at page 118 and found the book to be very entertaining thus far, but this book would be something my boyfriend will never understand. He refers to chick lit and my romance novels as "rubbish" for they do not get you "thinking"... Anyway, I was just thinking about my shopping and money spending habits while reading this book. I got to admit, I too also spend a lot on unnecessary things, and I consider myself an *almost* online shopping addict. I have sensitive skin and purchase a lot of my creams, soaps, scrubs and such online at the handmade site , and mind you, shipping to Singapore is not cheap. But thinking about it now, I just love searching for pretty and unusual things online. I love having the luxury of shopping in the comfort of my room. I also get the thrill of buying something from anywhere in the world (but it's usually the US) and when I do receive my items, it's like opening a present on Christmas morning. Yep, it's that exciting. But back to money spending habits. The book did get me to contemplate on how much I spend unnecessarily. Do I really need that top from Victoria's Secret? Or more expensive soaps and creams to add to my growing collection because they're pretty? I wonder how hard is it to just cut little luxuries out of your life. How soon will I start to feel the itch to spend?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vintage finds and other things from KL

I bought these 'fake' lavender stems in KL on one of my shopping finds. They cost RM20 for the bunch. I think they look really nice together with my lavender buds.
I've got to admit, I've been in a lavender phase lately..I even ordered a bag of organic french lavender buds flown all the way from the other side of the world! I received these in perfect condition and they smell just DIVINE....I've placed them in my flower vase and they're now sitting beautifully on my white Ikea bookshelf.
My organic french lavender buds from
I've already got two Audrey Hepburn classics and I just had to buy 'Paris when it sizzles' to add to my Audrey Hepburn collection. And it was only RM9.90!
Anyone who knows me knows that I always have my daily cup of earl grey tea and I came across the St. Dalfour brand in the supermarket in KL and I just had to try it! I've never seen St. Dalfour teas being sold in Singapore before.
FYI, Twinings earl grey is the best I've come across so far.
I got this super cute Superman tee from the markets and I tried it on back in the hotel and it fits me perfectly. Only RM20!
There is a shop called Lovely Lace in Midvalley Megamall on the 2nd floor who sells all these pretty victorian-inspired stuff. I saw this cute little bathroom door hanger and I just couldn't resist buying it (and keeping it for when I get my own place after B and I get married!)
This old charm vintage photo frame is from the department store. It's so pretty, perfect for my very own sepia photos..

KL trip with mum

First all, I got to say that I took a lot of pics while I was in KL, but something very very strange happened. Most of the pics just disappeared from my phone! Seriously, I don't know what happened to the pics. I searched everywhere in my phone for them but they're just not there..and I didn't delete them.. but I've posted what is left of the pics in my phone.. My mum and I went to KL and stayed at The Federal Hotel. It is a nice hotel, centrally located within walking distance to Sungei Wang Plaza, Times Square and Lot 10. My sis who works at The Grace Hotel in Sydney was able to get us 'staff family rates' at The Federal which was great. I got to say the porter there is super! He even bargained taxi rates for us! This pic was taken from afar while in the taxi, but I've literally been to The Twin Towers in my previous trip to KL in 2007 and the towers are magnificient day and night.
No one should go to KL without visiting the Chinatown markets. Mum and I was unfortunate to be there when it was raining but even tho it was pouring, the market was still crowded with tourists and all stores were still opened. We went again the next night, this time it didn't rain and there was a lot more tourists. So packed it was hard to walk without bumping into someone. But the markets was a great place to get all kinds of fake branded goods and people selling hot roasted chestnuts, fruits and other local snacks.
I also went to a place called Chow Kit Market. This was my first time to Chow Kit and it seems to cater more to the locals, with used clothes up for grabs, and a HUGE market selling all kinds of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, different kinds of ginger, a variety of herbs and spices and even household items and flowers. A tourist may feel a little out of place in this local hideout.
I took this pic right outside the Chow Kit Market. Poor housing is still evident in some parts of KL despite the accomplishment of large shopping malls and a new international airport to boost
I came across this brand Somerset Bay in the department store Metrojaya at Midvalley Megamall. LOVE their stuff! They have very pretty victorian-like vintage pieces and I did some research and I think this is a Malaysian brand. I tried accessing the brand's website but it came up blank..anyone who knows more about this label do let me know!
Midvalley Megamall is heaven for shopaholics! I loved loved loved going there! If you're in KL and short of time, instead of shopping at KLCC, Sungei Wang and Bejaya Times Square, head to Midvalley Mall and you'll never regret it.