Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mulligan’s Irish Pub & Yello Jello Retro Bar

Last night Winnie and I met up for some finger food & drinks at Clarke Quay. We decided upon Mulligan's Irish Pub which proved to be an excellent choice! It was not overly crowded, the food and service was good, and we were seated next to the stage where a guy was tuning out beautiful (if somewhat sad for two newly single ladies) love ballads, nevertheless, the singer sang exceptionally well.
Exterior of Mulligan's Irish Pub
Winnie & Me
Winnie's glass of champagne & my glass of brandy Cheers to Singlehood!
Our delicious & juicy serving of huge breaded mushrooms
Chicken Wings
Since it was halloweeeen weekend....
After Mulligans, we strolled to Yello Jello Retro Bar,
it was our first time there. The place was packed, loud and had a
60s Retro feel to it, hence the name.
Winnie's lychee frozen margarita
While I ordered a watermelon & strawberry margarita
Barcadi 151
Too high to care..
Girls just wanna have fun!

Friday, October 30, 2009

25 Going On 26

A month from today I'll be turning 26 years old. Kinda scary really. I'll no longer be *mid 20s* but in fact closer to *30* and became evident recently when I noticed the start of wrinkles around my eyes and popping eye bags (so not what a girl wants!) So anyhow, to make myself feel better, I've selected a few pretty things I would like for my birthday..
Christian Siriano Bronzer/Highlighter Trio
Creates a flawless faux glow. Illuminating trio of bronzing powders
combine to create a fresh, sun-kissed face. ASOS Nude Feather Clutch
Feather trimmed clutch bag with Snake style texture with front clasp
closure and contrast feather embellishment to front
(This will go perfect with the Forever 21 dress - see below)
ASOS Iridescent Feather Clutch
Soft feather embellished clutch bag with reinforced contrast frame, multiple feather detail and gold effect twist lock fastening
(This will go perfect with my LBDs)
Forever 21 White Lace Dress
Glamour By Victoria's Secret Unlined Pink Demi Bra with Matching Garter Skirt iphone Cashmere Vanilla Jasmine Eau de Parfum A luxurious cloak of cashmere envelops every curve. Sensual vanilla bean orchid from the French Island of Bourbon marries Mediterranean "living" purple orchid. Jasmine absolute cultivated in India. The lasting warmth of cedarwood and heliotrope. Satin Rose de Mai Eau de Parfum A ripple of satin over bare skin. Rose de mai, a delicate pink rose cultivated in the fields of Grasse, France, home to the modern art of perfumery. Asian "living" honeysuckle procured via "Living Technology," an innovation that captures the essence of the flower, untouched in its natural environment. A luminous backdrop of pink grapefruit and mandarin flower.
Savor's Joe de vivre Creme Fraiche
I've been using this as a facial wash for a while now.
Joie de Vivre is like stepping into a luxury spa - delicate mint, a hint of earthy mud, rosemary, and a finish of lavender.
Contains no SLS/SLES, propylene glycol (a petroleum product) nor parabens.
Biotherm Biotherm Line Peel Crystalescent Yuex Gentle Renewer Eye Brightener
(I'll need a powerful eye cream to combat those damn eye bags!)
Can I be 21 again? Pretty please.....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Part Time Daydreamer In Action

I just love little french cafes, but too bad I have not had the chance to visit Paris as yet. However, a girl can dream a little dream right, and if you feel like getting outta reality for a while, come join me as I create my *ideal* soon-to-be 26th birthday....
It was a crisp Sunday morning in Paris, and I had hoped to have a little treat since it is after all my birthday,
so I head to my fave little french cafe 'Cafe de Flore'
Wow the cakes are to die for...
I cannot decide...
Well, I had my cup of Earl Grey Tea and finally decided on a slice of Vanilla Sponge Cake wtih Strawberries on top, it was time to head home.
My lovely day bed.
I'm feeling oh-so-sleepy so I head to my bedroom for a quick nap....
But this white bedroom is lovely too....
Right, Kitty's come to wake me up.
Hello Kitty
It's time for my bath And a gal's gotta look pretty for her hot date with Edward!
My oh my Edward has arrived!
And looking mighty dashing too if I can say so myself!
I musn't let Edward wait too long...
Don't you just love my new Carol Malony balconnette bra?
Shall I wear this slinky LBD for my date?
I think it's a perfect birthday dress too, don't you think?
My Ted Baker clutch
Ooohhhh such a romantic place for dinner
Edward sure knows what a girl likes
I'll have a frozen lime margarita please
And of course some fresh oysters to share
Pea & ham soup
One of my favourite country soups
A rockett and asparagus salad to share with semi-dried tomatoes and drizzled with a light dressing of truffle oil
For my main course, I can't decide so Edward says
lets order two and we can share...
Grilled salmon
I know I know what you're thinking.
I can't possibly be on a date with Edward and eat black quid ink pasta....
But it is my birthday and I just love squid ink pasta.
For dessert, we share a slice of chocolate cake and it's utterly divine.
The rich, smooth chocolate melts in your mouth as you savor each bite.
Well, I think I'll order another drink.
Waiter, I'll have a strawberry margarita this time round please.
A perfect kiss to end the night.
As we dance the night away, can you believe the ever so talented Sarah McLachlan is playing 'Angel' right by us as we drift slowly in tune with the melody...
Now back to reality folks...

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Favourite Love Ballad

English version Spanish version Hero - Enrique Iglesias Let Me Be Your Hero Would You Dance, If I Asked You To Dance? Would You Run, And Never Look Back? Would You Cry, If You Saw Me Crying? Would You Save My Soul, Tonight? Would You Tremble, If I Touched Your Lips? Would You Laugh? Oh Please Tell Me This Now Would You Die, For The One You Love? Hold Me In Your Arms, Tonight I Can Be Your Hero, Baby I Can Kiss Away The Pain I Will Stand By You Forever You Can Take My Breath Away Would You Swear, That You'll Always Be Mine? Or Would You Lie? Would You Run And Hide? Am I In Too Deep? Have I Lost My Mind? I Don't Care You're Here, Tonight I Can Be Your Hero, Baby I Can Kiss Away The Pain I Will Stand By You Forever You Can Take My Breath Away Oh, I Just Wanna Hold You I Just Wanna Hold You, Oh Yeah Am I In Too Deep? Have I Lost My Mind? Well I Don't Care You're Here, Tonight I Can Be Your Hero, Baby I Can Kiss Away The Pain, Oh Yeah I Will Stand By You Forever You Can Take My Breath Away I Can Be Your Hero, I Can Kiss Away The Pain (I Can Be Your Hero, Baby) And I Will Stand By You, Forever You Can Take My Breath Away You Can Take My Breath Away And I Can Be Your Hero

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Males versus Females on Sexual Aggression

As I'm drafting up my last sociology essay on gender differences, I got to thinking about sexual aggression between the sexes after some careful recent observation. It appears that times are changing fast on the social circuit as individuals are out like never before being more 'daring' and 'aggressive'. Does our societal norms exert pressure on individuals to behave in certain socially acceptable and appropriate ways?
What is deemed acceptable and appropriate anyway?
Alcohol seems to be playing an active role in socialising I see people downing down their drinks, girls and guys alike, as alcohol is deemed as a 'wonder drug' on boosting their confidence maybe...or just wanting to have that 'high' feeling
A crowded club, a crowded disco, a crowded dancefloor where you bump sweat with everyone else as you succumb to the alcohol magic flowing through your veins. Teenagers and young adults out having fun, seducing each other or just having a wild time but nonetheless, when sexual attraction is encountered, which sex is the more aggressive one? Research has always found men to be the dominant one, but as I have recently observed and discovered, it seems that young women these days are more sexually aggressive then men themselves.
To my dismay, I've also observed guys downing down drinks and seconds later pukes...
I've observed girls barely into their 20s high on alcohol, falling over guys, and also being sexually aggressive in their behaviour, more so than the men they are attracting.
What happened to a glass of wine over dinner, a romantic stroll under the moonlight and some gentle flirting? Are young individuals able to alter their attitude to more 'romantic' encounters or is aggressive flirting the norm of society these days on attracting a mate?
Men versus Women
Which sex is more aggressive?