Saturday, September 18, 2010

The not-so-pleasant Phuket trip

My friend and I went to Phuket at the end of August. This was my forth time to Phuket, and I could still remember the same beaches and markets I had visited previously. Not much have changed.
Me with Mr. Teddy at the airport
We decided to stay in Kata, about 15 minutes from Patong, and a much quieter area. We stayed at Metadee Resort, a fairly new resort which has only been opened for a year.

Here is the view of the main area of the pool that stretches all around the resort. There is also a pretty good gym, small but adequate. The restrooms by the restaurant/pool was also very impressive. Very clean, new and fully air-conditioned.
We were starving by the time we reached the resort! We had lunch in the resort's only restaurant,
called Himapan.
Try their cocktail banana smoothies!
Our villa!
Villa 4103 (the one I stayed in) is the BEST!!
Double sinks, separate shower and toilet, huge bathtub......
Note: The shower & toilet has only ONE door, so if someone is in the shower, the sliding door to the shower closes so someone can't use the toilet at the same time. Well, technically you can, I guess this type of concept is more suited for couples. Also, there is a very large hole (eye level) between the shower and the toilet. Definitely a lack of privacy here.
Our balcony
(if you ever stay at Metadee, only get the access pool villas!)
The access pool villas also has an outdoor shower by the side of the balcony.
View of the pool....
The best times were spent by the pool. The weather was perfect. Blistering hot you can feel the heat
 penetrating your skin.
Patong Shopping Centre
(there is a huge Carrefour & Robinsons here)
Kata beach
Me at Kata beach. I have to stay, I was somewhat disappointed as the beach had garbage laying around and the beach at Patong was just nicer.
This little bus stop looking booth sits about 300m (or so) from our resort. Guests can actually pick up the phone and it'll automatically call the resort for a buggy to pick us up.
Not bad eh?
Free buggy service anyone?
The not-so-pleasant part of the trip was because I got a very bad (and by that, I mean REALLY BAD) case of food poisoning on the second day. One that had me on the loo several times a day and then crawling back to bed, crunching my stomach in extreme pain and forking out over 200 bucks (thank god for medical benefits at work!) for a doctor to come to the resort. Despite that, I was still not well when I returned to Singapore.

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  1. We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-March.
    Thank you for posting.