Tuesday, June 15, 2010

JP Morgan Corporate Challenge

It was on May 6, 2010 that I ran my first ever marathon. Some may say, 5.6km really is no big deal. Some wouldn't even call it a marathon. More than 12,000 participants, every age, every size and nationality all congested at the starting line waiting eagerly to start the race. For me, it was ever so exciting to be a part of this with my colleagues and I felt a rush each time I saw a team-mate on the way to the finish line.

Towards the end, dying of thirst and sweating like a pig, I was muttering to myself, "gee, nice move signing up for this chickie..." while attempting to make my legs work by banging my head to Bon Jovi, thank god I bought my i-pod along!

Ten of us ran for our firm, and I clocked in 4th at 46.19 mins though that's nothing to brag about. If I get the chance to participate next year, I'm gonna try my damnest to beat my time!

For the record, the French sure can run!

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