Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long Weekend Trip to Kuala Lumpur

My friend and I headed to Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital city of Malaysia over the long weekend at the end of May. This was only my third trip to KL since I moved to Singapore seven years ago, despite its neighbourly location.
Pavilion is one of the newer shopping malls in KL, including a pretty big Forever 21 store. It's big, clean and spacious, a landmark for tourists.
Me outside Prada.
Ever so stylishly, Prada.
We stayed at The Legend Hotel, which claims it is'"5 stars" but it really isn't. The hotel is big, spacious and accomodating. But some things remain to be said, like their carpark is shockingly old and somewhat deserted. The rooms were indeed spacious but lacks warmth, and is starting to look worn out. Guests have to take two lifts, one to go to the lobby on the 9th floor to "transfer" to a different set of lifts to go to the guestrooms.
Jalan Imbi, which is actually very near to Pavilion, has some good local eating joints. I always think when you're in a different country, its good to eat where the locals eat. A word of warning though, this is not the sort of place if you're looking for air-conditioning and something that passes the health food inspector.
Surprisingly, I noticed that KL has quite a few Pancake eateries, which made my mouth water each time I walked past the sweet smelling shop, something one cannot find easily in Singapore. The Pancake place at Pavilion (basement) is hip with their bright orange interiors, however, food took ages to come and I reckon MacDonalds hotcakes beats their blueberry pancakes.
This place, known as The Curve (close to One Utama) is beautiful, with its romantic lights glistening from above. There is a starbucks here and several eateries, massage parlours, bars and even a small market.
Me at The Curve.
We headed to one of the bars called Laundry at The Curve. The place is quite happening with a dancefloor, rocking music and packed with tourists.
This is indeed, the BIGGEST margarita I ever had
I didn't take any pictures of the place, but there is a huge shopping mall located at One Utama, which is something different if you wanna explore the suburbs.

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